Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wing replacement

If the olf beading is in reasonable condition then it can be re-used. If it has been painted during a general respray then thinners can be used to get the paint off—Beetles look so much sharper with nice black wing beading! If it is damaged. renew the beading and if possible use new wing fixing bolts, with plenty of copper grease or Au toline Aluminium Anti Seize on the threads to make ,,uh'equent removal easier. If you are using new wings then be warned that some cheaper varieties will be of dubious fit and that their holes might not align perfectly!
Begin by fixing the top centre bolt, but fit this and all other bolts loosely until all are in position and you are satisfied that-the wing will mate well with the shape of the car. Then begin to tighten to bolt which is adjacent to the 'corner' to ensure that the wings pulls properly into shape. Work down each side of the wing, then fit the beading and tighten the bolts.

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