Saturday, September 11, 2010

Running boards

The running boards are each secured to the sills by four 10 mm bolts, and to the wings by nuts and bolts. To remove the running boards simply undo these.
Brazilian or other third-party running boards are usually made from much lighter gauge steel than the more expensive German ones, and it is worth paying extra for the longevity of the German items if you can afford them. Also in the name of longevity, the author would recommend the use of a good corrosion-resistant paint.
As supplied, the running boards' rubber covers are not always fitted, so begin by stretching the rubber over the steel and fastening the other edge. Then slide the chrome trim clips into place in the trim strip, and push these through the run of fixing holes in the running board. Grab each tag from the.other side with a pair of pliers, pull and twist to secure.

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