Saturday, September 11, 2010

The front end

The pressings which make up the Beetle front end differ to some extent between the torsion bar and McPherson Strut versions; in practice the two are quite similar, consisting of the dashboard/A post/roof pillar assembly, flitch panels, luggage bay floor, spare wheel well and valance. A complete assembly is available from Autobarn; the author would recommend that this is fitted professionally.
To completely rebuild a front end on a piecemeal basis —flitches, luggage compartment floor, spare wheel well and valance — is approaching the limits of economic and practical DIY restoration; not only is the chance of ending up with a lop-sided car disturbingly high, but there is also a strong possibility that more serious rot will be discovered hi various adjacent and underlying panels. When this happens. von should give serious consideration to using a better or a new bodyshell.
If you do decide to carry out any front-end repairs, don't weld any panel finally into position until you have offered up the wings and bonnet, to check that the lines are all correct. Even after taking this precaution, you could discover that panels are not correctly positioned only after fitting the bumper and getting the car back on its wheels.

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