Thursday, September 9, 2010

Door removal

There are two ways of removing the doors. The simplest (though you'll have to remove the running board first) is to remove the check strap pin and then to drift out the hinge pins from below. This method has the advantage that if the same doors are to later be replaced then the hinges will be correctly aligned. During a full restoration, in which the doors are probably to be repaired or replaced, the answer is to remove the door complete with hinges.
Each hinge is held by three large set screws with a Philips type cross head, best tackled using a large Philips screwdriver or similar. The author uses the bit and 1/2 in. square drive adaptor from an impact wrench in combination with the speed wrench from a socket set, which gives great purchase on the set screw head. Have an assistant handy to help manoeuvre the door, because a Beetle door with full furniture is rather heavy.
Before you re-hang the door it is as well to remove the striker plate (ignore this if you only removed the hinge pins) first. Fasten the hinge set screws lightly, with just one off each hinge tightened sufficiently to take the weight of the door. Adjust the position of the door until its lines match that of adjacent bodywork, then tighten all hinge screws and refit the striker plate.

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