Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Headlining removal

Remove the front, rear and the two fixed side windows as already described. To remove the rear view mirror, turn and then pull it. Remove the sun visors; the swivelling end is retained by a stud and a screw. Remove the screw then turn the fixing until it comes free — don't use too much force, because the stud breaks easily.
The passenger side grab handle is affixed by one large and one small Philips headed screw at either end. To expose the screw heads, use a small flat bladed screwdriver to unclip the end trim and work this away from the edge. The grab straps on the B posts are affixed with screws; prise up the cover to reveal. Take care when removing the interior light because it is brittle and easily damaged. At either end there is a spring clip; push these inwards and the lamp unit should be free to come out.
The headlining will probably be glued to the window surrounds and, if you wish to re-use the lining, be very careful when easing it away from the lips. Within the front and rear window apertures, the lining may also be held in place by spring grips. Remove these.
The headlining is held aloft by either sprung steel rods (there could be four or six depending on year) which run through loops sewn into the material, or it is itself glued to hardboard which is sprung into position. According to the type of headlining fitted, the year and model of Beetle, there may or may not be separate pieces glued or clipped to the pillars. The sequences described here relate to a McPherson strut car, which has everything!
To remove the rods, spring them upwards until one end can be eased from its plastic end piece, then pull the other end free.
At the top of the door aperture, there are a row of clips under which the headlining edge is tucked. Gently prise these down, and the headlining should pull free.
Work from the front window backwards to the B post, then from the rear window forwards to the B post. Where the headlining joins the B post, you remove it by pulling it downwards to free the edge trim from its retaining clips.

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