Thursday, September 9, 2010

Door stripdown

Begin by prising out the inside door pull cover to reveal the fixing screw, and undo this. The window winder fixing screw is situated under either a plastic plug or, on some models, under the one-piece trim cover. Prise out

the plug or lift the cover and remove the screw and handle. On early models, the door pull and winder are fixed by a pin which should be drifted out.
Remove the armrest (where fitted) by undoing the two fixing screws. These screws are angled on some models, in which case better purchase will he obtained by angling the screwdriver.
The door trim panel can now be removed. This is secured by spring clips which can quite easily be broken, so work carefully, starting at the bottom of the door and using a flat implement to prise the spring clips out, On later models, a spring situated behind the window winder mechanism will conic free, so try to catch it before it disappears into the dark recesses of the workshop! If the door trim won't come away from the door, give the grab handle a sharp tap upwards with the palm of your hand to free it from the bracket.
Before progressing further, it is as well to support the window by taping it to the top of the door frame using wide masking tape. Remove the winder mechanism fixing bolts, then pull the mechanisni from the door. The glass may now be lowered and removed through the lower door aperture.
Gently ease out the window surround trim, which is held by spring clips which can easily be damaged. Use a small flat-bladed screwdriver for this. Undo the screw at the top rear of the quarter-light pillar and remove the quarter-light assembly. The chrome door trim can now be removed.
The external door handle is secured by a single cross­head screw situated in the door rear edge. Remove this, then tap the handle assembly free, The internal locking mechanism is held by one screw in the door frame and two in the edge. Remove these, then remove the bolts which hold the remote pull. The assembly can now be removed from the door.
Make a note of any components which need replacing, and be sure to obtain the necessary spares before you begin the rebuild. The spring clips which hold the window channel are especially prone to breakage when you try to re-fit them, and it is a good idea to obtain a few spares.

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