Thursday, September 9, 2010

Door rebuild

Start by fitting the lock mechanism. Feed the small rod upwards through the aperture in the door top and push the catch into place, which will hold the unit while you secure it with screws. Then fit the winder mechanism, ensuring that it locates under the door top lip. Use the handle to wind the mechanism down and carefully slide the window back into the door before fitting the window aperture trim.
The window trim has a number of spring clips which locate into holes in the door; at the top it is affixed with a small screw, and the side and top are partially held in by the clips which affix the window channel. Fit the clips.
It may prove difficult to get the quarter-light assembly back into position. Offer it at an angle to begin with, then push it downwards whilst and forwards simultaneously into position. If it won't go then use a piece of softwood to spring the window aperture open slightly. Then fit the window channel.
Bolt the window to the winder mechanism. Check that all fastenings are tight, that the window opens and closes and that the quarter-light opens and closes with no sticking before replacing the door trim.

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