Sunday, September 12, 2010

Flitch repair panels

The flitch panels (inner front wings) often rot out at the lower front ends, and repair panels are available for this. Remove the front wings, fuel tank and any wiring in the vicinity. As ever, firstly clean the affected area so that you can determine the extent of the rot in the existing panels before deciding whether to fit the full repair panel or to tailor it. Gently drill out the spot welds holding the luggage lid seal retaining strip and remove this the chances are that the flitch steel underneath will show some signs of rusting, so clean and later treat this area with weldable zinc paint before fitting a new seal retainer strip.
Drill and part the spot welds to the valance and spare wheel well — the flitch end should now be free and can be cut away. Most people favour an overlapped joint between the flitch and the repair panel: it could be butt welded, but the extra strength of an overlapped joint favours the latter.
Tack the repair panel into position and check the wing and bonnet fit (adjust the position of the repair panel if necessary) before welding up the flitch, using continuous seam MiG welds.

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