Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Windscreen refit

You will need sealing compound, strong twine or covered single-core wire which is long enough to fit around the screens, some lubricant and an assistant.
Fit the rubber to the glass, using sealing compound if you wish to avoid leaks! Fit the chrome trim into the rubber, then work plenty of lubricant (some people use washing up liquid, which works well but may contain industrial salts which rot the window aperture lips — Swarfega hand cleanser is better) into the groove in the rubber, Feed the twine or covered wire into this groove, so that the centre of the wire is at the top of the screen and the two ends cross at the bottom.
With your assistant holding the window in position from outside the car, pull on the wire to pull the rubber lip over the steel window aperture lip. Work from the centre bottom (taking care that the window does not ride up), each lower corner in turn, up the front pillars, around each top corner in turn and finally along the top. It is then usually necessary to-knock the window edges finally home, using the palm of your hand. If this thought (or the thought of a window popping out the first time you slam the door) worries you, then bring in a mobile windscreen fitter, who should be able to glaze a Beetle in about 30 minutes and who should not, therefore, charge too much!

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