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Geneva 2010: 2011 Volkswagen Touareg sports some-more facilities as well as curves, reduction weight

We could contend Volkswagen was tired of making an SUV which ended up being rather expensive – for the VW – after you stuck a couple of options on it. So in addition to the mislaid weight, the new Touareg has lost some of a four-wheel drive apparatus that done the last one so spendy. This asingle comes standard with the Torsen limited-slip differential, as well as afterwards you can sequence a Terrain Tech Container which adds the differentials and critical off-road capability which once came standard. That takes fuel ec onomy upward, an boost also helped by the increased curve as well as lower Cd. VW sold 500,000 units of a previous-gen Touareg as well as it should do even better with this one. Follow the burst for info upon all a Touareg’s new flavors as well as have the demeanour during it in a gallery of high-res photos below. Show full PR textShow Premiere WE: Brandnew Touareg Guides SUV Idea into the Future
Touareg debuts with hybrid expostulate and high-tech TDI engines Volkswagen SUV is 208 kilograms lighter and 20 percent more fuel fit
Wolfsburg/Geneva, March 2010. In a uncover premiere at the Geneva Engine Uncover Volkswagen is unveiling the utterly redeveloped Touareg ? and with it a most technically innovative Volkswagen given the brand has been in existence. This Touareg is reinterpreting a fasci nating thought of the multipurpose SUV in a contemporary approach – thanks to the up to 25 percent some-more fuel fit engines and a large accumulation of brandnew assistance and safety systems. The Touareg will be the initial Volkswagen to be offered in a hybrid version (V6 TSI plus E-motor).
When a V6 TSI and E-motor work simultaneously (boosting), this produces a combined power of up to 279 kW /380 PS as measured on a dynamometer, and a torque of maximum 580 Newton-metres. The Touareg Hybrid sets standards between fully off-road capable SUVs with petrol engines with its fuel expenditure worth of just 8.2 litres fuel per 100 kilometres. It can be driven at speeds of up to 50 km/h in purely electric mode ? emissions-free.
Fuel saving as well as emissions values of the conventionally powered Touareg versions were significantly softened. Consider the V6 FSI, a direct-injection petrol engine with 206 kW /280 PS: With the fuel econo my of 9.9 l/100 km, the absolute 360 Newton-metre 3.6-litre engine consumes a substantial 2.5 litres les s than a prior indication. This total fuel expenditure corresponds to CO2 emissions of 236 g/km. As well as that is exactly 60 g/km reduction than prior to.
The diesel motor fuel engin es were done some-more f uel efficient as well. With courtesy to power, an advanced chronicle of a successful V6 TDI w hich continues to have 176 kW/240 PS (European version) right during marketplace launch, outlines a entry turn into the world of the Touareg; a 550 Newton-metre clever turbo-diesel consumes the pioneeringly low 7.4 l/100 km (equivalent to 195 g/km CO2), which is 1.9 litres reduction than prior to. CO2 emissions were markeddown by 49 g/km compared to the prior Touareg V6 TDI and the respectable 24 g/km compared to a already very good previous indication with BlueMotion Record. Utterly brandnew to the Touareg programme is the V8 TDI with 4.2 litres banishment as well as 250 kW /340 PS.
A total fuel consumption here – intensely great considering the energy as well as extraordinary limit torque of 800 Newton-metres – is 9.1 l/100 km (equivalent to 239 g/km CO2). Engines offering, both diesel as well as petrol, will change depending upon a specific nation.
Brandnew era SUV – lighter, some-more aerodynamic as well as fuel efficient As has already been accomplished on the globally successful, smaller SUV, the Tiguan, Volkswagen is systematically striving for means ability on a brandnew Touareg aswell. The first precondition has been met: A weight of a base indication Touareg has been markeddown by 208 kilograms.
THE quantum leap. Yet, the physique has 5 percent larger torsional rigidity, that creates it the leader in the competitive class. The second precondition has also been achieved: Designers attained a significantly softened Cd value. It was markeddown from 0.38 to 0.35. Along with aerodynamic refinement measures, another factor during work here is that this Touareg sits reduce to the belligerent than a previous indication. This, to gether with a front end in a character of a brandnew Volkswagen Design DNA, results in the notasbig frontal area. A third precondition: All engines, now offering with a standard 8-speed involuntary transmission – a initial in this market shred – denote significant fuel saving advantages over the previous model; in some cases the advantage is far greater than two litres per 100 kilometres.
SUV for all trails – all-wheel drive in two versions Another element that has been modified in the quest for reduced fuel expenditure is the Touareg’s customary all-wheel expostulate. In the bottom version (4MOTION), all brandnew era Touaregs have all-wheel expostulate with Torsen limited-slip differential (4MOTION; 31 degree rock climbing incline. Like the Tiguan Track & Field, the Touareg additionally has an “Offroad driving programme”, which ? during the press of a button ? tunes a ABS, EDS and ASR for off-road avocation, activates Hill Skirmish Support as well as adjusts a involuntary gearshift points.
Instead of the Torsen differential, the V6 TDI can be ordered with an optional “Turf Tec h Parcel” which has an even m ore rugged send box written for off-road driving. It includes rebate gearing and centre and rear differentials, any with up to 100 percent locking (4XMOTION; 45 grade climbing incline. Similar to a complement on the first Touareg generation, this “4XMotion” also has a rotary switch the motorist now uses to conform a car to specific conditions over 5 levels:
1. “On-Road”; 2. “Off-Road” Similarto “Off-road driving programme” plus automatic control of the automatic thatch; 3. Low Similarto “Off-road” and activation of reduced gearing, higher change points, no automatic upshift in primer mode); 4. Addition of centre differential lock; 5. Addition of back differential lock. Versed like this, a Touareg can conquer a far-reaching range of a Earth’s terrains.
SUV for bland life – more space, more innovations Volkswagen has not only made the brandnew Touareg lighter, some-more fuel efficient and an agile actor; it has also done it into an even some-more versatile, all-round vehicle. The new interior was done more organic, the seats some-more comfortable as well as leg room in a rear is increased thanks to the 41 millimetre extension of the wheelbase to 2,893 milli metres. Now the rear dais seat has 160 millimetres in longitudinal adjustment, as well as a backrest point of view can be altered. Electrically unlatched during the press of the button as an option, it folds down in seconds and frees up 1,642 litres of load space. Already standard equipment in a base version is the radio-CD as well as info system, that is intuitively controlled via the 6.5-inch touch-screen. The radio-navigation system in a tip version offers a 60 Gigabyte hard drive as well as 3D office building illustration.
A parking brake is rightaway activated by pushbutton. The engine (V6 versions) automatically shuts off at traffic lights as well as restarts as soon as a driver releases a brake pedal (Stop-Start system). A V6 versions gather profitable kinetic energy during braking as well as coasting and store it.
The oil dipstick has now been retired: The engine oil level is displayed electronically in this Touareg. As an choice, a tailgate can be non-stop and sealed automatically. A Touareg can also be specified with the large breathtaking sunroof – a largest ever used on an SUV ? to yield maximum light in the cabin even upon overcast days.
There have been brandnew facilities in the vehicle’s assistance systems aswell. The innovative “Area Perspective” utilises 4 cameras situated around the car to broadcast an accurate perspective of the Touareg’s surroundings to enhance reserve. A lso charity protection have been up to 9 airbags. Lane Assist ensures which the car does not wandering from the right trail; meanwhile, Side Support warns of vehicles coming from a back when changing lanes. Adaptive Journey Carryout (ACC) and Front Assist can stop the automobile to the stop in an puncture. active occupant protection, also utterly new, networks the assistance systems and ensures that in box of an collision not usually have been a belts tensioned, though the windows and breathtaking sunroof have been closed as the function of a vehicle’s transverse dynamics.
An comprehensive world’s initial: Bi-xenon headlights with Dynamic Light Assist. This camera-based tall beam headlight essentially “sees” oncoming traffic and automatically adjusts – around the curve lighting procedure and individually for each headlight ? the high beam to discharge unwanted glare. The extended reserve as well as convenience offered by Energetic Light Support is as significant as the key of Xenon technology itsel f once was. In the sum of the properties, the new Touareg is not only one of the many tolerable SUVs in the world, but definitively additionally one of a safest passenger vehicles of all times.
Touareg – the most appropriate of dual worlds About 500,000 car drivers chose to buy the initial era of the Touareg. It is a oppulance sport utility vehicle that offers a tall turn of joy, sporty driving properties, avant-garde styling, glorious quality as well as total speed capabilities – essentially the best of a passenger automobile and off-road worlds one in one concept. This bequest is now being one after another in the brandnew Touareg – a high-end and versatile all-round car which brings these two worlds together even some-more perfec tly. A Touareg will be available during dealers as soon as in Apr of this year.

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