Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Frame head replacement

This becomes necessary usually on cars which have been left standing in long wet grass for some years, or cars which have suffered heavy front-end collision. In the opinion of the author, it is not a task for the DIY restorer. because the precise positioning of the replacement frame head is critical; if it is a fraction on then handling and road-holding will suffer.
If you must attempt this repair. then the author This framehead looks rather sad, and in fact a few stabs with a sharp implement showed that it had extensive rot which substantially weakened it. Normally, this would be cut off and a replacement grafted into place — not a job for the amateur — but the owner decided that it had to be repaired instead.
recommends that you begin by making up a welded steel framework (in effect, a crude but accurate jig) which passes from the floorpan to the framehead and which has holes drilled through it to align with the various holes in the existing frame head. This will allow the new framehead to be bolted firmly into the correct position prior to welding.

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