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2007 Volkswagen New Beetle Convertible Special Edition

2007 Volkswagen New Beetle Convertible Special Edition
Volkswagen Press Release

VW New Beetle Convertible Triple White Special EditionVolkswagen of America, Inc. announced today that the limited edition Triple White New Beetle convertible is now available at dealers. Only 3,000 customers will have the opportunity to own this truly special edition.

The Triple White New Beetle convertible features a unique Campanella white exterior, a white interior, and white convertible roof boot. The Triple White New Beetle convertible takes its colour palette from the original Super Beetle convertible of the late 70s. This modern day rendition includes 17-inch Oktopus alloy wheels, a three-spoke leather wrapped steering wheel, white leatherette seats and center armrest. Also included are black carpeting, floor mats and door panels along with Sirius Satellite Radio. Another distinctive feature of the Triple White New Beetle convertible is the special front seat headrests ingrained with the New Beetle convertible icon.

With the standard automatic transmission, the Triple White New Beetle convertible is priced at USD$25,990.

VW New Beetle Convertible Triple White Special EditionFounded in 1955, Volkswagen of America, Inc. is headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan. It is a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG, headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany. Volkswagen is one of the worlds largest producers of passenger cars and Europes largest automaker. Volkswagen sells the Rabbit, New Beetle, New Beetle convertible, GTI, Jetta, GLI, Passat, Passat wagon, Eos, and Touareg through approximately 600 independent U.S. dealers. Visit Volkswagen of America online at

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The first question to be addressed is which Beetle? The Beetle world appears to be split into two camps’ and the ‘radicals’-both love the Beetle, but in different ways. The traditionalists like the Beetle just the way it is, and whilst some might view the whole subject of customization as slightly infra dig, most will accept the custom enthusiast as a kindred spirit. The radicals favors one of the various schools of customization, and might view the standard car as OK for those who like that sort of thing-but not for them.

The Beetle is all things to all men; some might require an honest, roadworthy and reasonably-priced example, demanding no more of it than reliable daily transport with a little more character than one finds in modern cars; others might seek an early car for restoration or customization whilst yet another group may wish to by-pass the countless hours of hard labor which go into such projects and buy an already restored or customized example.

Amongst restored Beetles there is a choice between early and late, convertible or closed, original spec or mildly customized; amongst customized examples there are call lookers. Bajas, Beach Buggies and Rails, plus innumerable one-off specials-the range of available options is immense.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Because there are so many Beetles in existence, buying one is blindingly. Buying a one is not. Although time-proven as a rugged and long-lived car, many examples (especially the older ones) will be suffering from advanced, often camouflaged, body rot or serious mechanical problems which render them unsafe for road use. Sometime cars with dangerous body rot are sold honestly at low prices as ‘restoration project’ cars, but quite often the problems are hastily and shoddily covered up and the car sold dishonestly and sometime at quite high prices as roadworthy. It can be difficult even for an car with expertly camouflaged body rot, although mechanical problems are often self-evident, for example when they noticeably affect some aspect of the performance of the car, such as poor braking, road-holding or acceleration. Some mechanical faults, however, are less evident and demand an expert Knowledge of the car and of how to properly appraise it.
Many of the Beetles which come onto the market may be advertised as restored and offered at an appropriately high price when in fact they have been incompetently repaired by a DIY enthusiast, or a back-street body shop. Price is no guarantee of quality. Many of the customized examples which are offered for sale may have been converted in a similarly slipshod manner, and even the best-looking and highest-priced of both restored and customized cars can actually be in poor condition. A few may even be death-traps.
Another pitfall awaits the unwary buyer: as the price realized by Beetles continue to rise, the cars become more tempting targets for thieves who, using a variety of devices, fraudulently sell the cars on to honest buyers who will lose both their car and their money when the true identity of the car becomes known to the authorities.
So, despite the Beetle’s exceptionally robust construction and reliability, finding a genuinely good example can be as problematic as finding a good example of any aged car.

Friday, March 27, 2009


The first thing you tend to notice when driving a Beetle is that you have become enrolled-into the great and very friendly family of Beetle you see on the roads will acknowledge you with a wave or by a flash of the headlights. This camaraderie extends to drivers of other air-cooled Volkswagens; the drivers of Karmann Ghias, campers and vans. Type 3s and 4s will also almost universally acknowledge you. Before long you find yourself being drawn into the spirit of things, and you begin to wave back without conscious effort.
If you were unfortunate enough to suffer a roadside breakdown, it would be almost unthinkable for another driver of an air cooled VW to pass by without stopping to offer you assistance. Likewise, you will find that you will feel somehow under an unofficial obligation to spot and help if you see a fellow air-cooled VW driver in difficulties.
Something else you notice on your first Beetle drive is that it is fun. Cars today are smooth, quiet and have free-revving engines; the Beetle offers none of those qualities which modern drivers deem so essential, yet driving along with that torque flat four chugging away in the ‘boot’ and making its presence felt in the passenger compartment both in vibration and decibels is actually a refreshing experience.
In these days of lean-burn engines and catalytic converters, some environmentally aware types might look upon the Beetle with some concern. The fuel consumption is hardly frugal by today’s standards and the pollution from the average Beetle exhaust is higher than environmentalists would like. Yet in reality the Beetle is both economical and surprisingly ’green’.
The economy stems from the fact that. Compared to almost any recent vehicle, the Beetle (new imported cars excepted) is essentially a non-depreciating car, so that, irrespective of fuel consumption, repair and other costs, Beetle ownership over a period of years is relatively cheap. For the price of two or three years’ depreciation on a new modern family saloon car, you can buy and run a Beetle. For the price of five years’ depreciation on the modern car, you should be able to buy , restore and run a Beetle and, after the five years are up, the modern car will have depreciated to the point at which it is practically worthless but the Beetle will still probably be worth a fair percentage of its purchase price and restoration costs.
The Beetle is also far more user-repairable than most. If not all, more recent cars; a fact which the DIY-inclined owner can use to bring down servicing and repair costs dramatically. Apart from any other consideration, all new cars sold on the UK market from January 1993 must be fitted with catalytic converters, which effectively mean that the simple and easily repaired carburetor will probably be supplanted. The flat four engine can be removed in a fraction of the time it take to remove the engines of most other cars (it takes minutes instead of hours), and the engine can be test-run on any suitable flat, hard surface before it is placed back in the car.

The car is ecologically ‘friendlier’ than many would have you believe. Most Beetles enjoy longer working lives than the average car, many out-lasting ordinary lives than the average car, many out-lasting ordinary cars by a factor of two, three or even more. Since 40 percent of the energy consumed by a vehicle occurs during its manufacture, the saving in pollution is obvious-catalytic converters and fuel consumption notwithstanding. In fact ecologists are slowly awakening to the idea that all cars should be manufactured to enjoy longer working lives in the interests of reduced pollution.
The Beetle can be a very reliable car, simply because there is last to go wrong with it. The fact that the engine is cooled by air means that there will be none of the problems with cracked engine blocks and cylinder heads in cold weather due to the expansion of frozen liquid coolant, with leaking radiators and hoses or which can afflict liquid-cooled engines and wreck some of them in a very short space of time.
Compare the Beetle with the average modern car. The modern car has by law to be fitted with a catalytic converter and hence normally fuel injection and they also have to be fitted with electronic ‘brains’ (the dreaded Engine Control Units) which meter out the fuel precisely in order to avoid damaging the catalytic converter. All of this technology should pose no problems when the car is new, but when it is a few years old then each extra component represents something else which is likely to go wrong and cause a breakdown. Those electronic components will probably in many instances prove to be the most fault-prone of the modern car.
What is perhaps worse is that the mechanic is no longer dealing with repairable components, but is very often faced with sealed units or electronic components which are so hopelessly sophisticated that it takes a degree in computer science in order to understand how they function. In other words, problems within some of these units can only be dealt with by straight (and expensive) replacement. This increases repair costs but more importantly it means that a modern car which breaks down miles from anywhere due to a problem with one of its electronics systems cannot be repaired there and then. It must either be towed away or stay where it is until the necessary component can be sourced and transported to it. The Beetle is so simple that most roadside breakdowns can be dealt with there and then without need of special equipment beyond a normal motorist’s took kit.

Friday, March 13, 2009

1967 VW 1500

A 1967 VW 1500 ripe for restoration .Extensive welding or replacement of the sills and inner/outer wings will be required.The sills have an outer and inner;if these have rotted the body must be unbolted and removed from the floorpan before effective repairs can be carried out.less conscientious (or just downright incompetent) 'restorers'mark the mistake of welding new sills directly to the floorpan-let the buyer beware!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

1973 VW1300


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Beetle 1968

be year first , that go out , gears generation crowds to respond , come to choose again , The one then , go out , the generation economizes 1200 C C , come to choose with , for respond the policy , devalue live , by this generation , cut take , eyebrows goes out , meanwhile 1300 generations and 1500 still as before , especial 1500 only at have gears crowds to respond , bumper , this generation changes new , as , curve round round , have 2 model , The past generation as a result , one iron , the channel adds fuel , move come out stay a side , outside , on the right of a car , make must not open a skirt infront , the time adds fuel , the generation before , the handle opens the door , become model , mechanic , replace model to press , a hand turns within have , the plastic covers ,

Friday, February 6, 2009

Beetle 1962

gears room , come to repair fall take since , number , Classis 4 500 000 , will play this generation , see the number well the thing that has new in this generation , the system injects the water like carbonated water , by use the wind from ( gum,rubber,tire spare parts ) that lays to keep straight a skirt infront , gearwheel gears steering wheel system becomes like Worm and Roller , skirt lid infront add a spring , there is temple oil gay , come to replace , system , fuel spare parts tank

Beetle 1961

a motor changes 36 from the horsepower , come to 40 the horsepower , the way observes new model motor , will observe get straight the platform supports the dynamo feels numb , will a person vacates with , nut 4 with , but , past generation be formed one with

Beetle 1960

steering wheel , pretend deep socket reaches , for the touch will have skillful more and more that open the door , pretend a button presses to open the lower portion , stick the iron front wheels verse , for , road superior island go up the system enforces to turn , straight the steering wheel , enhance Steering Damper prevent the steering wheel shakes the dynamo , from 160 Watts 180Watts last generation for 36 horsepower motors

Beetle 1959

a motor designs to have the durability more and more , by 100,000 a kilometer , must not overhaul

Beetle 1958

the system adjusts improve

Beetle 1957

the turn signal has evered to stick low , jump upward on front wheels fender that see in now make see easy

Beetle 1956

enhance exhaust pair pipe , already a mattress sits to change conveniently go up

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Beetle 1955

change the turn signal like an arm lifts , the generation sticks beside a car , come to very small lantern , stay infront a car , but , set up keep low adjoin , fender edge , the front wheels of a car ,

Beetle 1954

the sheet glass blocks back wind , change from 2 the screen be the screen is one but still narrow as before , then call that generation , the screen is narrow ,

Beetle 1953

the sheet glass blocks back wind , change from 2 the screen be the screen is one but still narrow as before , then call that generation , the screen is narrow ,

Beetle 1952

frying wheel pan from 16 inch edges , come to 15 inch , sheet side glass , front door bilateral side , there are 3 sheet ears elephant angle glasses , let off the wind , at open straight rear skirt , become , a picture is T the channel picks of on dial stall , there is the lid , ( at first open clear )

Beetle 1951

enhance shield castle red brand , the symbol that skirt area infront

Beetle 1950

year 1950 this figure generation doesn't change to originally from the part that enhance to is change system from use late K pull bring the system waits for to chip and , in a room takes to enhance , the channel wipes a cigarette , stall dial area , already at mixed gas pipe of a motor , handsome systematically warm , from a pipe coughs hot , which , convenient for cold city

Beetle 1949

year 1949
generation this car is first generation systematically small stump eyes hill , at first use the way , a hand turns , like a car is ancient and enhance late pull for , open a skirt infront , replace the arrival presses , at infront a skirt only , sheet rear glass is will like 2 the screen ,

my dream

about year 1930

must be retrospective when about year 1930 in the age that our world is in critical condition be world war period time at 2 countries Yeh! smoke , in the position is group axis leader , get use both of forces tactics is anding many weapon with the efficiency , already send go to follow important stronghold throughout provincial every , for hope will acquire the one world among important that stronghold basically at the desert , which must live the vehicle that use can move appropriately with every the state miss , The popular , war axis leader , get order give , doctor horn , loudly , cooperate member in German engineer again you , be , doctor , fiber plants , car fiber plants designer , give accompany with design a car for use to is the vehicle in war middle desert war , and that car is , The Secretariat of the Senate mischievous car , or , ladybug god there and at this dot by oneself . The Secretariat of the Senate mischievous car then originate to go up , in year 1938 a car itched first produced come out can give people is usable seriously , with the order of popular that must a car of people follows the name of a car because the word is that Volk in the German , translate Thai has that , people word part that Wagen that translate that automobile thus , this car will must is a car that can contain 4-5 persons a person , must consume less gasoline , must durable get long ago most , must run moderately fast , and that important must cheap with

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