Saturday, January 31, 2009

about year 1930

must be retrospective when about year 1930 in the age that our world is in critical condition be world war period time at 2 countries Yeh! smoke , in the position is group axis leader , get use both of forces tactics is anding many weapon with the efficiency , already send go to follow important stronghold throughout provincial every , for hope will acquire the one world among important that stronghold basically at the desert , which must live the vehicle that use can move appropriately with every the state miss , The popular , war axis leader , get order give , doctor horn , loudly , cooperate member in German engineer again you , be , doctor , fiber plants , car fiber plants designer , give accompany with design a car for use to is the vehicle in war middle desert war , and that car is , The Secretariat of the Senate mischievous car , or , ladybug god there and at this dot by oneself . The Secretariat of the Senate mischievous car then originate to go up , in year 1938 a car itched first produced come out can give people is usable seriously , with the order of popular that must a car of people follows the name of a car because the word is that Volk in the German , translate Thai has that , people word part that Wagen that translate that automobile thus , this car will must is a car that can contain 4-5 persons a person , must consume less gasoline , must durable get long ago most , must run moderately fast , and that important must cheap with

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