Wednesday, September 15, 2010

'A' and 'B' post repairs

mounting point), or whether you can get away with the shorter version and still find clean, sound steel to weld to on the post. The hinge mounting point must be sound if you are to use the shorter panel and, in this instance, it is as well to take the opportunity to clean and hand paint the mounting point before covering it with the repair panel.
Prise the folded edge of the old panel from the flitch lip. The rot is best cut out using an air hacksaw, although patience and a junior hacksaw will also do the job — don 't use a chisel or air chisel, because both will distort the remaining edge and, because the join will have to be butt welded, it will prove difficult to true up the edge sufficiently to get a good result.Some tailoring may prove necessary to get the repair panel to fit the heater channel properly. If you are fitting the larger panel, have an assistant hold the door whilst you ensure that the mounting built into the repair panels matches the hinge bolt holes, then tack the panel into position and carefully fit the door (supporting the door so that the repair panel does not take any weight) to einarc not only that the hinge holes are aligned but also that the door shut lines are correct.
If all is in order, butt weld the top join, scam weld the bottom join to the heater channel and spot weld (if possible) the outer edge. The inside upright joint can be butt welded or overlapped — the former looks neater. Use weldable zinc paint prior to welding, then clean the outsides of the joints and apply a good rust-retardant primer.

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