Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Check the transaxle oil level. Park the car on level ground then remove the 17 mm hexagonal transaxle filler plug. If you don't have the correct tool for this, try making your own by bolting or preferably welding a17 mm bolt to a length of steel. If this is the first time you have attempted to remove the plug, you may find that it is very tight, in which case a hexagonal drive will probably be needed to start it. The oil should be level With this and, if not, top up. In the case of Stickshift itodels, a dipstick is provided to show the oil level: if this is low, then top it up using the correct fluid — Dexron 1 ir Dexron 2.The clutch travel should be checked and adjusted if necessary. There should be half an inch of free play. To adjust pedal travel, turn the large wing nut on the clutch operating lever, which can be found in front of the engine on the nearside of the car.Grease the nipples on the front suspension (beam axle). Using a pumping oil can, lubricate the door, bonnet and engine lid hinges and locks.Check the condition of the drive shaft joint gaiters and renew if necessary. In addition to being an MOT test failure point, split gaiters will allow water and dirt into the joints, where it will cause accelerated wear.

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