Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rear of the car

Whilst you have access to the rear underside of a Beetle, check the transaxle oil level and top up if necessary with the correct oil. If the oil level is low then keep an eye on it when you begin to use the car in case there is a serious leak.
Remove the thermostat cover (rear offside of the car) and measure the length of the thermostat both with the engine hot and cold. If the thermostat does not alter in length as the engine warms then the cold running flaps in the ducted air cooling system will not open, and the engine will overheat, causing accelerated wear and damage to the engine. (See Chapter Three for more details of this check.) Finally, check the torque of the nuts and bolts which hold the suspension together. Repeat the checks for the other side of the car.

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