Friday, March 26, 2010

In addition to the tools listed previously, you will need a selection of straight and cross-headed screwdrivers, a grease gun, a selection of metric open-end or combination spanners (buy these as a set, preferably in a tool roll so that they can be kept in the car), and a spark plug spanner. You will need a feeler gauge; preferably one with a spark plug gap setter built-in. If you intend to check the ignition timing yourself then you will require a simple stroboscope. A pair of pliers and side cutters completes the tool list. If you can afford it, buy a '/2 in. drive socket set in addition to spanners. Other tools may be required if some of the checks made in this service reveal problems.
You will also require the following consumables: engine oil in the recommended grade, brake hydraulic fluid, distilled water and general purpose lithium-based grease, oil strainer gaskets, drain plug washer.
Carry out every task and check listed previously.

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