Friday, March 26, 2010


It is a great help to have a warm, dry and well illuminated place in which to work, although all servicing can be carried out in the open. Avoid carrying out work in the rain, because water can cause problems with the ignition and electrical systems. A strong concrete surface over which you can park the car, raise it on a jack and support its weight with axle stands is essential.
Carrying out your own servicing at home can save a great amount of money compared with having it attended to by professionals. More importantly, you will be sure that all necessary jobs have been properly attended to, and that no unnecessary work or work which has not been done has been charged for. Many garages replace consumables such as brake shoes long before the components actually need replacing, and it is far from unknown for a few unscrupulous mechanics to charge the customer for certain work and parts but not to do the job because it is unnecessary.

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