Friday, March 26, 2010

The distributor with its cap removed.

The distributor with its cap removed. Check the condition of the cap and the rotor arm. Remove the rotor arm to check the points condition and gap.

Various distributors are fitted to the Beetle; all share much the same design. ( Courtesy A utodata)

2.Contact breaker arm
3.Securing screw with flat and spring washers
4.Insulating washer
5.Contact breaker point
6.Return spring
7.Breaker plate with earth cable
8.Plastic washer
9.Low tension cable
10.Distributor cap
12.Distributor shaft
13.Steel washer
14.Fibre washer
15.Distributor housing
16.Vacuum unit
17.Distributor retainer
18.Sealing ring
19.Fibre washer
21.Driving dog
23.Circlip for driving dog

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