Friday, March 26, 2010

Safety precautions

Never work on or under a car which is supported only by a jack or jacks – use axle stands to support the raised car, always on firm, level ground – and chock the wheels which remain on the ground to prevent the car from rolling off the axle stands. If you prefer to use a pair of ramps, make certain that they cannot topple before you climb under the car, and bear in mind that some ramps could be of poor quality or design and hence more likely to topple.
When using any combustible or flammable material or fluid (including paraffin, petrol and hydraulic fluid, bearing in mind that it is usually the fumes rather than the liquid which are the more dangerous) ensure firstly that there is no means of igniting it, such as cigarettes or electrical equipment which could cause a spark. Remember that most combustible fumes (note: petrol) are heavier than air and will quickly fill a pit.
Certain of the substances used in car maintenance and repair are very harmful to skin, eyes or if swallowed. Always wear the appropriate protective clothing and treat everything with a degree of caution.
Electricity presents special dangers. Apart from the physical dangers of electrocution, a stray spark can ignite any fumes present.
Although every precaution has been taken in ensuring that the working methods given in this book are safe, the author and publishers can accept no responsibility for any injuries or losses incurred whilst carrying out the tasks detailed in this book.

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