Friday, April 9, 2010


Always carefully consider safety before starting work. Disconnect the battery earth strap and for bigger jobs preferably remove the battery from the car. If you have to work under the car, ensure that it is properly held aloft by solid axle stands and that the wheels which are left in contact with the ground are properly chocked so that the car cannot roll and tumble off the axle stands. If you are starting work on a job which may involve using a naked flame anywhere on the front of the car (welding or using heat to help 'start' a reluctant nut or bolt) then begin by removing the fuel tank and line. Before using a naked flame or generating great heat (as in welding) anywhere on the car remove the fuel line or any brake hose or pipe in the vicinity.
Petrol is not the only highly flammable substance to present hazards; brake fluid is equally dangerous and apparently more easily set on fire; plastics and rubber also burn well. The greater danger from petrol is posed by its fumes rather than by the liquid itself; the fumes - are heavier than air and can fall to fill a pit with a potentially explosive mixture – so no smoking, welding nor naked flames in the pit.
Always make full use of appropriate safety clothing. You only have one pair of eyes and you cannot obtain replacements if you damage them so it pays to protect them with goggles whenever you are working under the car or doing anything which causes sparks or rust flakes to fly through the air.
When replacing components which are held by bolts, it is good practice to put a little copper-based grease or alternative aluminium-based products on the bolt threads, because this will make their subsequent removal much easier. Do not, however, use such greases on fittings which have to be torqued, because they reduce the natural friction to the point that the fitting can be over-stressed when torque is applied. On nuts and bolts which are to be torqued, use a light oil instead.
The author and publishers can accept no responsibility for any loss, injury or mishap which occurs whilst any of the instructions in this book are being followed; it is up to the reader to at all times accept responsibility for his or her safety.

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