Friday, April 30, 2010


1. Oil cooler
2. Dipstick
3. Oil breather
4. Pressure relief valve
5. Gaskets
6. Strainer plate cover
7. Oil strainer
8. Pomp gears
9. Pump cover plate
10. Pump gears (automatic transmission)
11. Pump housing
12. Retaining nut

Begin by assembling the crankshaft, connecting rods and big end bearings. Remember that rods and caps, rods and crankpin journals must all be rebuilt in the correct locations –don't mix them up. Use new engine oil to lubricate the big end bearing shell halves before pressing them firmly into the connecting rods and caps, then place each rod in turn in position on its crankpin and fit its cap. ensuring that the tongues and notches of the bearing halves align correctly. Torque the nuts to 24 ft lbs and check that the rod turns freely on the crankshaft –if not, dissemble and examine to lind the problem – then gently peen the cap nuts with a light hammer to prevent them from working loose.
Fit main bearing three into position (oil hole nearer the flywheeLaid of crankshaft), and heat the gear assembly gently until it can be located on the crankshaft. Don't use a flame to heat the gear but place it in a hot oven until it has expanded sufficiently. Immersion in hot oil is an alternative, but take care, because of the dangers of fire and also spillage of hot oil!
Spread the snap ring and slide it into position, followed by number four main bearing (oil hole toward crank pulley) and finally the oil thrower. Re-fit number one main bearing on the flywheel end of the crankshaft.At this stage, set the crankshaft end float before assembling the engine. To do this, fit the rear main bearing then fit two standard end float shims then the flywheel. You will need to hold the crankshaft in a heavily padded vice whilst applying a torque of perhaps 80 ft Ibs to the flywheel nut. Using a set of feeler gauges inserted between the bearing and the flywheel, measure the gap then subtract from it 0.0027-0.005 in. (0.07-0.13 mm) to find the thickness of third shim required. Re-fit the split number two main bearing halves into Oil plays an important role in cooling the engine as well as in lubricating bearing surfaces. If the oil level is allowed to drop then the engine will rapidly overheat, and damage will quickly result. These are the main components of the lubrication system. It is recommended that the oil pump is examined and if necessary exchanged when the opportunity arises. (Courtesy Autodata) the crankcase halves. Replace the cam followers into the crankcase halves with a little grease to hold them in position and oil to lubricate them.
Fit the crankshaft shims and a new oil seal, and place the crankshaft assembly in the left hand crankcase half, feeding the connecting rods through the appropriate holes. Without disturbing the bearings, turn the crankshaft until the two punch marks on the timing gear coincide with the axis of the camshaft. Fit the camshaft half bearings to die left hand side of the crankcase then the camshaft so that the notch on its tooth is in between the two marks on the crankshaft timing gear. (See illustration.) This ties the opening and closing of the valves to the rise and fall of the pistons.
Fit new rubber seals onto the six crankcase studs. Fit the camshaft half bearings to the right hand side of the crankcase then put a bead of sealing compound on the crankcase half lips and offer the right hand half into position on the left, again feeding the connecting rods through the holes. Replace the lip nuts but do not lighten them until you have replaced the oil pump body. Then progressively tighten the nuts, checking that the crankshaft and camshaft are free to turn until the two lips are pressed tightly together. Using sealing compound, fit the six large crankcase nuts to the threaded studs, again, checking that the crankshaft is free to turn and, on 1200cc engines only. replace the two large bolts near the flywheel end of the crankcase.
The lip nuts should be progressively tightened and torqued to 10 ft ibs; the six large nuts to 20 ft lbs. Re­check the crankshaft then torque the lip nuts to 14 ft lbs and the six large nuts to 25 ft Has.

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