Friday, April 30, 2010

Gearbox (transaxle] removal and refitting

The gearbox and differential share the same housing. and the complete assembly is called a transaxle. The transaxle cannot be removed until the engine has been taken out, and the swing axle and double jointed drive shaft Beetles each have their own routines, and are covered separately. Because the engine will have been removed before the transaxle, it is assumed that normal safety precautions especially battery disconnections — have already been taken. It is advisable to clean and
Removing or re-fitting a gearbox has a fun factor on a one to ten scale of nought! There is no real alternative to lying on your back and wrestling with the thing, which makes your arms ache if as is normal, the gearbox decides to be awkward. apply penetrating oil to all fixings which will have to be undone some time before starting work. so that the oil has plenty of opportunity to do its job. '

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