Friday, April 30, 2010

Double-jointed drive axle cars

Check firstly the fixings used on the inner drive shaft CV flanges, and if necessary obtain the correct tool for their removal from a specialist Beetle spares supplier.
Remove the oval cover plate at the rear top of the spine chassis, and remove the 8 mm square selector rod coupling bolt, which may be wired. Chock the front wheels, raise the rear of the car and support on axle stands. From underneath the car, undo the drive shaft inner CV joint fixings both sides of the car, using the appropriate tool. It usually pays to clean out Allen heads and splined fixings beforehand. Slacken the clutch lever cable wing nut until it can be unhooked, and remove the two nuts on the transaxle side cover which hold clutch cable clamps to free the cable from the transaxle.
Remove the earth strap from the transaxle casing, then undo the single nut which now holds the starter motor, and remove the starter motor. Check that nothing is left which connects the transaxle to the chassis legs.
Support the transaxle. Slacken the two front mounting bolts (nearest the front of the car) and remove the two main bolts. The gearbox can be withdrawn from the car or lowered onto the chassis legs until you are ready to manoeuvre it out.
Refitting is the reverse of removal: be sure to check the transmission oil level and top up if necessary.

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