Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wheel bearings

The damper mounts on torsion bar suspensions. Replace the !tampers if they are inefficient or are leaking. To check their ondition once removed. pull and push them through their full range of movement; any 'slack' or stiffpaints in the travel means that they have to be replaced. (Courtesy liutodata)

Wheel bearings must not be squeezed too tightly. The washer riehind the hub nut should be able to move when forced with a screwdriver, as shown here. (Courtesy Autodatn)
To adjust the wheel bearings, remove the speedometer drive and both bearing caps, slacken the lock screws and torque the clamp nuts to 15 ft lbs then slacken them until the thrust washer can just be moved. Tighten the lock screws. If you wish to replace the bearings, consult a workshop manual for details or. preferably. have the job carried out professionally.

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