Saturday, July 24, 2010

Diagonal arm suspension

Raise and support the car as already described, remove the road wheels and hub nut, remove the brake drum, clamp the flexible brake hose and disconnect the hose from the backplate. Disassemble the brakes, the handbrake cable end and remove the backplate. Remove the six Allen headed screws which fasten the outer end of the drive shaft to the hub assembly. Remove the damper.
Mark the spring plate and trailing arm for correct reassembly, then remove the three bolts securing the hub assembly to the spring plate. Lever the spring plate from its ledge stop as already described for swing axle suspension, and note the attitude of the spring plate at rest, so that it can be replaced in the same position.
Note the positions of the washers on the diagonal arm pivoting end; these must go back in exactly the same position, otherwise the suspension geometry will be altered. Remove the diagonal arm socket screw and washers. Undo the four bolts to release the torsion bar end cover plate, then pull the plate end from the torsion bar splines.

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