Saturday, July 24, 2010

Swing axle rear

Swing axle rear suspension and associated components. With the bodyshell off, take the opportunity to carry out any and all mechanical work on the engine, transarle and suspension, in addition to renewing brake and lines. If the restoration is being carried out by a professional, you might be fortunate and have chosen a restorer who is prepared to stop work on the project temporarily whilst you trailer away the chassis and carry out mechanical repairs at this stage — most professionals, however, cannot afford to work in this manner.

Levering the trailing arm off its stop — a longer lever with the end cranked upwards would be preferable. (Courtesy Autodata)

The trailing arm must be reassembled in the correct position relative to the axle hub assembly, and so make a mark across both using a cold chisel, as shown. (Courtesy Autodata)

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