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WAR DEPARTMENT Washington 25, D. C, 6 June 1944

WAR DEPARTMENT Washington 25, D. C, 6 June 1944
TM E9-803, German Volkswagen, is published for the information and guidance of all concerned.
OFFICIAL: J. A. ULIO, Major General, The Adjutant General.

Section I. GENERAL
a. These instructions are published for the information and guidance of the personnel to whom this equipment is assigned. Theycontain information on the operation and maintenance of the German Volkswagen as well as descriptions of the major units and their functions in relation to the other components of the vehicle.
b. This manual has the following arrangement.
(1) Part One, Introduction, contains description and data.
(2) Part Two, Operating Instructions, contains instructions for the operation of the vehicle, with description and location of the controls and instruments.
(3) Part Three, Maintenance Instructions, contains information needed for the performance of the scheduled lubrication and preventive maintenance services, and instructions for maintenance opera¬tions which can ordinarily be performed by using organizations (firstand second echelons).
c. The operations described in this manual are based on the availability of necessary parts, accessories, and tools. Conditions willarise in which the items referred to in the manual are not available since they cannot be requisitioned through usual channels. In thesecases, individual initiative must be resorted to when repairs are required.
a. Forms and records which may be provided for use in performing prescribed operations are listed below with brief explanations of each. In case of Volkswagen, use of these forms will be governed by tactical situation and extent to which vehicle is employed.
(1) STANDARD FORM NO. 26, DRIVER'S REPORT—ACCIDENT, MOTOR TRANSPORTATION. One copy of this form should be kept with the vehicle at all times. In case of an accident resulting in injury or property damage, it should be filled out by the driver on the spot, or as promptly as practical thereafter.
(2) WAR DEPARTMENT FORM NO. 48, DRIVER'S TRIP TICKET AND PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE SERVICE RECORD. This form, properly executed, is furnished to the driver when his vehicle is dispatched on non-tactical missions. The driver and the official user of the vehicle complete, in detail, appropriate parts of this form. These forms need not be issued for vehicles in convoy or on tactical missions. The reverse side of this form contains the driver's daily and weekly preventive maintenance service reminder schedule.
(3) W.D., A.G.O. FORM NO. 6, DUTY ROSTER. This form, slightly modified, is used for scheduling and maintaining a record ofvehicle maintenance operations. It may be used for lubrication records.
(4) W.D., A.G.O. FORM NO. 461, PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE SERVICE AND TECHNICAL INSPECTION WORK SHEET FOR WHEELEDAND HALF-TRACK VEHICLES. This form is used for all 1,000-mile (monthly) and 6,000-mile (semiannual) maintenance services andall technical inspections performed on wheeled or half-track vehicles.
a. General. The Volkswagen is a four-wheeled, rubber-tired, rear axle drive personnel carrier and reconnaissance car, comparablein purpose and size to the American 1/4-ton 4x4 truck. No propeller shaft, as such, is used; the engine, transmission, and differential comprise a unit structure which is secured to the floor at the extreme rear end of the vehicle. Access to the engine is provided by a hinged door at the rear of the body. The vehicle has no frame. Instead, a base stamping comprising the floor of the vehicle is ribbed and provided with a central tunnel to give desired stiffness, to form the foundation of the vehicle. The main fuel tank is located under the front body panel on the right-hand side of the vehicle. The spare tire is carried on top of the front body panel.
b. Engine. The engine is an air-cooled, four-cylinder, four-cycle, horizontally-opposed type. Intake and exhaust valves are located inthe cylinder head and are operated by conventional rocker arms and push rods.
c. Transmission. The transmission is the selective, sliding-gear type. Four speeds forward and one reverse are available". Differingfrom American vehicles, no direct drive is used. The fourth speed forward is an overdrive, having a ratio of 0.80 to 1. A detailed description of the transmission is contained in section XX.

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