Wednesday, July 18, 2012

about year 1930

must be retrospective when concerning year 1930 within the age that our world is in crucial condition be world war amount time at two countries Yeh! smoke , within the position is cluster axis leader , get use each of forces techniques is anding several weapon with the potency , already send visit follow necessary stronghold throughout provincial each , for hope can acquire the one world among necessary that stronghold essentially at the desert , that should live the vehicle that use will move appropriately with each the state miss , the favored , war axis leader , get order offer , doctor horn , loudly , cooperate member in German engineer once more you , be , doctor , fiber plants , automobile fiber plants designer , offer accompany with style a automobile to be used to is that the vehicle in war middle desert war , which automobile is , The Secretariat of the Senate mischievous automobile , or , ladybug god there and at this dot by oneself . The Secretariat of the Senate mischievous automobile then originate to travel up , in year 1938 a automobile itched 1st made pop out will offer individuals is usable seriously , with the order of well-liked that has got to a automobile of individuals follows the name of a automobile as a result of the word is that Volk within the German , translate Thai has that , individuals word half that Wagen that translate that automobile therefore , this automobile can should may be a automobile that may contain 4-5 persons someone , should consume less gasoline , should sturdy get in the past most , should run moderately quick , which necessary should low-cost with

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