Saturday, December 13, 2008

A short history2

Having been designed by Ferdinand porsche between 1934 and 1938,the "type 60'proved the ideal car to meet the requirements of Adolf Hotler,who had a vosion that every german would possess motorised transport,The Volkswagen (People'Car)Beetle was intended to enter production 1938 and,on 26th May of that year,the Volkswagen plant was officially opened.
Until 1946,the Volkswagen plant (called'Strength Through Joy Town')was owned by the Nazin and was not a commercial company,rather a political creation.During the Second World War the Volkswagen factory was used for the manufacture of a limited of Beetles (some authorites place war-time production at 1,500 cars)and aslo several types of military vehicle based on the Beetle platform and sharing its engine and running gear.The best known of these was the Kubelwagen.the German equivalent of the Allied jeep.The factory was bombed intensively and nearly destroyed by the Allies as the war neared its end.After the cessation of hostilities,a group of British Army personnel from the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) were dispatched to the plant to salvage what they could and-if possible-re-establish car production.

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